Lost Clubs?
Wet or Sandy Grips? Backaches?

The Campbell Caddie is your answer to some of golf’s most common issues! MADE IN THE U.S.A. The Campbell Caddie will quickly become your favorite golf accessory.

Campbell Caddie


The brightly colored Campbell Caddie™ stands out and is hard to miss. Never leave a club behind again in the rough, near a bunker, or the green.


Wet conditions and cart-path-only days can leave you with wet and grass-covered grips, to say nothing of the sand dressing on the greens. Using the Campbell Caddie™ Golf Club Holder eliminates those annoyances as a Putter Holder or Wedge Holder


The most common physical ailment voiced by golfers is lower back pain. During a typical golf round, a player bends over no less than 64 times. The Campbell Caddie can reduce that by over 25%!
Mike Zoglio


Hi, I’m Mike Zoglio of Bonita Springs, Florida, maker of the new and unique Campbell Caddie™. 

I have been an avid, but average golfer, for over 30 years and I’ve seen many products come and go. In fact, I’ve bought many of them. Some that helped me either improve my game or enjoy the round more easily. And some that didn’t deliver on their promise. 

The Campbell Caddie™ is one simple product that delivers what is promised.

A Campbell Caddie™ will help you enjoy your rounds as a welcomed addition to your bag.  It addresses three common issues for most golfers; wet, grassy, or sandy grips, clubs left behind, and excessive bending or stooping over.

One feeling that anyone who golfs has experienced is that dreaded moment when you realize you left a club at a previous hole. Or, when the ranger or another player comes up behind waving your wayward club. Worst of all and not surprising, premium clubs are not often returned to the bag drop.

What about the wet condition cart-path-only days when you leave your cart with two or even three clubs only to place the unused clubs down in the wet grass or sand. Wet, grass-covered or sandy grips make the next shot that much more difficult.  What a pain! Never leave your cart with more than one club without taking your Campbell Caddie™.

Campbell Caddie™ Back Story

Many years ago, my friend Walt Campbell fashioned a home-made looped device forged from a steel rod with a hammer and anvil. He covered the club resting area with rubber tubing and used it on the golf course to hold his clubs from being left on the ground. I was intrigued, saw its usefulness, and asked him to make one for me.  I used that original for several years.

I’ve visited courses and pro shops around the country, and I have never found a device to solve those simple golf problems in a pro shop or retailer. So, in 2020 I set out to make what I felt would be helpful to myself, and to many of my golfing buddies. Enter the Campbell Caddie™ Golf Club Caddie. I honored my old friend with the brand name and set about improving upon the original material and design.  My first customers were golf pro shops in southwest Florida, a golf haven of over 250 beautiful and lush courses.

The Campbell Caddie™ is now available direct to you HERE

The Campbell Caddie™ is 100% Made in the U.S.A. with premium materials and craftmanship and carries a lifetime replacement warranty from manufacturing defects.  Eliminate all those common annoyances and enjoy your round of golf even more. So simple. So efficient. Stick it in your bag and go!

Whether on the course or around the practice area, most commonly as a Putter Holder or Wedge Holder, the Campbell Caddie™ Golf Club Holder is by your side protecting your investment.    

“I just hate a wet grip. This product is perfect for keeping my grips dry and clean.” ~ Brad Davis, Director of Golf, Spanish Wells Golf & Country Club

“The Campbell Caddie is an innovative tool that should be in the bag of every serious golfer. It allows you to safely keep clubs dry, dirt free and accessible. I use it every day on the range in my short-game practice and greenside when I play.” ~ John LeMieux, Founder and Board member of the Amputee Association of Maine, and VP/Board member of the Eastern Amputee Golf Association

“My Campbell Caddie ™ has saved me from a lot of backaches.” ~ Chris K, WI

“Next to my ball retriever, my Campbell Caddie ™ is my best accessory investment, hands down…and less expensive than a dozen Titleist…which I tend to lose anyway.” ~ Tony L., Chicago, IL

“Over the years I’ve lost wedges on the course, even left woods at the driving range. With this little device, I’ve never left another club behind.” ~ Barry M. IN

“I never leave my cart with more than one club that I don’t take this gadget along.”  ~ Walt C., NJ


Contact us for information on our wholesale program for pro shops, and our custom imprinting of your club’s exclusive insignia on each Campbell Caddie™.
“I’m purchasing some to also put out at the practice area to introduce to the membership.” ~ Tim Harris, PGA Head Pro, Pelican Sound Golf and River Club, Estero, Florida

Campbell Caddie

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